D2 Heart




Valentines Day 

JuiceBoxx Smash! 


Glassybaby &

DeLille Cellars.



More Details

The West Seattle Supper Club invites you to join in the launch of the JuiceBoxx Smash Series featuring  DeLille Cellars and Seattle's own Glassybaby!


DeLille Cellars will feature 2018 D2 Heart, 2019 Rosé and 2015 Maison Red Blend.  They will donate 50% of proceeds from every D2 Heart purchased. 

Our Smash package includes wine from DeLille Cellars and a limited offer with Glassybaby's Rosebud Etched.


You will have the opportunity to purchase and pick-up your JuiceBoxx or your SMASH package Saturday, February 13th 10am - 1pm. 

The JuiceBoxx  will include material about the featured wineries and technical tasting sheets for each wine. 

Juice Boxx Pricing

  • Enjoy three-amazing wines from Delille Cellars winery for $125.00, tax not included


  • Valentines Special includeds DeLiLLe Cellars plus Glassbaby Rosebud Etched for $199.00, tax not included.


DeLiLLe Cellars will donate 50% of proceeds from every D2 Heart purchased. 

Sign up for VIP Membership, and enjoy exclusive saving, case discounts, and private selections

Useful Tasting Notes packed with background stories of the wineries.​

Your JuiceBoxx pick-up will occur on Saturday, February 13th, 2021  from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. We will send you your time slot and the pick-up address, we ask that you wear a mask when picking up your wine.


If you can't make the pick-up date, we can make other arrangements if needed.

**All orders are final, no changes or substitutions of wines can be made to the JuiceBoxx!


How do I purchase my juiceboxx? How long is this offer?

Please go to "Purchase" Button and that will send you to a Paypal link to make a purchase. We have a limited amount of wine, so please don't wait to make your order.

Where is pick-up?

The pick up address, date and your time will be emailed to as soon as the event ends.

What if I want my juiceboxx delivered?

We can deliver your Juice Boxx, we charge a $20 flat fee for the Seattle area. For the time being, we offer select delivery slots on weekend days. Note that if someone other than the account holder is present, please indicate when scheduling your delivery. **Note, you must have a valid ID to take delivery of your wine**

I need to cancel my delivery. What do I do?

Please respect that All orders are final; please email if you have any pick-up/delivery issues.

My wine is spoiled. What do I do?

Please contact us at, and we will make it right. But, please see below.

I didn’t like our wine. What do I do?

You didn’t like it?!?! Ok, here’s the deal. Shoot a video with a detailed review of the wine. Please cover the label and not refer to the producer to preserve reputations. But give us your best description of why you hated it. We want to see Gordon Ramsay-level wrath in your eyes.

If your video convinces us that our palates suck, you’ll get a 10% discount off your next order.

If I miss my pickup. Now what?

If you cannot pick up your wine, you can reschedule for a later time. Please don’t make it a habit, and don’t forget the “water” if we have to deliver.

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